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By appointment, the site is closed on SaturdaysAddress: The entrance under the great bridge of the Rimonim Mineral Hotel (Kokohat Beach), Tiberias, southern entrance.

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Self-driving boat with 12 seats, including audio connection, awning and drinking bar, no driving license required.

"Olami Dream" The senior in the field in the north and operating water sports in the Sea of ​​Galilee over 25 years !
A variety of water sports activities for couples, families and groups in ski boats, tornado, self-driving boats, jet skis, kayaks, sapp, sports bananas, tubing of various sizes and types With cable and amazing ride on a sea bike in the Sea of ​​Galilee. There is a possibility of activity on a variety of beaches in the Sea of ​​Galilee according to the nature and size of the group.
Life jackets with a standard mark - no swimming knowledge required.


Cruises in a tornado racing boat


Looking for a Romantic attraction? A Bachelor Party? Birthday? Family activity? Olami dream will take you to the experience of sailing on the Sea of ​​Galilee on the waves, with a skilled sailor skipper;
the duration of the cruise varies from 10 minutes to longer cruises. You can also take a dip in the Kinneret and feel as close to water as possible. The speed of the cruise varies according to the composition of the participants. Extreme enthusiasts will experience an unforgettable experience. Cruises can be arranged for exciting and surprising nights.

Bananas and tubes

The activity is suitable for all ages; speed and extreme are set in advance and can be changed during the cruise by specific signs that will allow you to set the riders as you choose. Sports bananas, tubing of various sizes and types (reclining OB water, floating OB. "carousel," "Tiger Shark" and more.

Ski with cable

Do you like water skiing? Want to experience for the first time? The Sea of ​​Galilee is the perfect place for you. Olami dream invites you to water skiing with a cable at the Kinneret on various levels. This is an attraction with water which is suitable for inexperienced beginners that includes professional training. The boats in the Olami dream have an internal engine and a "Master-Craft" (for those who are interested) with the possibility of surfing on skis, wakeboard and more.

During the skiing, all the other participants will be able to enjoy sailing in the atmosphere and good music.

Jet ski

Riding a jet ski on the Sea of ​​Galilee is by far the most exciting and wildest experience. You are invited to ride the world's dream jet ski and feel how wind, water and sky connect to a particularly powerful experience. Motorbike riding accompanied by a professional driver that will make your experience a safe journey!

The motorcycle is licensed to 3 passengers (guide + couple).

Boats for self-driving

Extensive driving experience in the Kinneret in motor boats suitable for up to 5 participants, without the need for a driver's license or previous experience and reaching a speed of up to 20 mph.