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יצירת קשר

A Ride From the Arbel cliff: "They ride and sing" (a hike for about an hour).

Exit to the trail from the camel's mountain to the foot of the Arbel and a view of the Wadi Amud stream. After briefing and adapting each rider to a personal horse accompanied by a guide, exit the Olami Dream farm in Migdal. On winding paths we will climb to Mount Migdal and enjoy the enchanting views of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. We will reach an amazing observation point where we can be photographed and pass on experiences.

We meet the shepherds from the nearby wadi and watch wild animals (rock rabbit, wild chameleons, etc.). Finally we will go down the snake path back to the horse farm.

A Ride in Migdal Valley: "Run in the valley and fly in the mountain" (hike for about an hour)

Arrival at the farm where you will be served hot Turkish coffee or herbal tea, you will get helmets and professional guidance by a qualified instructor who will accompany you throughout the entire riding route. The route departs from Ein Non through the Migdal valley along the Trans-Israel Highway through Amud River, crossing through the Ginossar Valley, between the banana groves and the grapefruit orchards and oranges (you can also enjoy the citrus fruits). From there continue through Ginosar's Old Ostrich Farm, and the olive trees and then return to 'Ein Nun' to the farm.

A ride to My Kineret: "Oh my Kinneret" (a trip for about two hours)

After a briefing and fitting each rider with a personal horse accompanied by a guide, leaving Ma'ayan Noon, from Olami dream farm in Migdal , through the Migdal valley, we will pass among the grapefruit orchards and the oranges on dirt paths. We will ride to the northern shores of the Kinneret. Enjoy the sea dance and the rustle of the waves. And through the palm trees and the cypress trees, in the summer you can freshen up on the beaches of the Sea of Galilee and enjoy cold orange juice. In the winter we will stop for real Turkish coffee and have hot herbal tea.
We'll ride back to the Olami Dream Farm.

A ride From Ma'ayan Nun to Wadi Amud: "A little goat comes to the water " (a two-hour hike)

We will continue on the path of the Cross Israel trail.
To the valley of Migdal. Among the citrus trees we will taste orange or grapefruit in season. We will continue the Amud Wadi and cross to Eira observatory where we will be indulge with Turkish coffee or hot herbal tea accompanied by sweet cookies, enjoying the spectacular view and looking out over the Golan Heights and the snowy Mount Hermon during the winter season. From there we will continue riding through Ganosar's banana plantations back to the farm.

A Night Trip (2 hours tour)

Horseback Moon riding accompanied by an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) with equipment and lighting. The trip leaves the Olami Dream farm, passes through the Migdal valley and reaches the Sea of Galilee. On the shore of the Sea of Galilee we will drink glasses of wine for life in a romantic atmosphere by the moonlight and the sound of waves in the background.